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When does Confirmation start? 
How much are the registration fees?
Payment methods.
How do we sign up for emails or text message updates?
What are the Dates of the actual Confirmation Mass? 


What is the sacrament of Confirmation?
Who can be Confirmed?
What is involved in the Confirmation preparation process?
What if I don't have time to attend Mass or the Confirmation prep events?
What is Catholic Formation and what is the difference between Catholic School students and students at public or other private schools?
Can I be Confirmed at Saint Bridget if I usually attend a different Catholic church?
Do I have to get Confirmed?
What is the Confirmation Retreat?
What can you tell me about Small Groups?
Do I have to pick a saint name?
How do I pick a sponsor and what is their role?


Q. When does Confirmation Start?
Orientation for 2017/2018 is September 10th at 6:15pm in Church hall (pizza will be served) and September 19th at 7:00pm at the church (exact location TBA)

Q. What are the program fees?

See Registration forms

Pay online through E-Giving on the Saint Bridget Website.
If you'd like to pay through check you may do so: 

  • Please make checks payable to "Saint Bridget" 
  • Indicate your child's name and "Confirmation" in the memo line.
  • Drop your check off with the receptionist at the Church Office.  

Q. How do I stay in the loop with updates and schedules?
A.  You'll find communication information on the registration form. 

Q: What is Confirmation?
A: Confirmation is the sacrament in which we receive the fullness of Gifts the Holy Spirit. In so doing we complete our Baptism and now, equipped with the Holy Spirit, are challenged with going out and spread the Gospel with our Lives.  

Q: Who can be confirmed?
A: Confirmation is open to actively practicing Catholic students in tenth grade and above. If you’re not actively practicing your faith (at least attending Mass weekly) you should be by the time we begin Confirmation prep. If you’re not baptized or have not received First Eucharist, we can work with you to get you ready for those sacraments while preparing for Confirmation!

Q: What is involved in Confirmation Preparation? 
A: The Bishop asks for active and full participation in the following:

  • Attending Mass every week
  • Regularly Meeting Catholic Religious Education (Saint Bridget Youth Group or Catholic School Theology Classes)
  • Confirmation Specific Formation (Small and Large Group Meetings)
  • A Confirmation Retreat
  • A Service Project (The Confirmation Class puts on the Christmas Sharing Service Project)

Q: What if I don’t have time to go to Mass or attend Confirmation Preparation events?
A: Then wait to get Confirmed when you can make it a priority. I (Dan) know academic, sports, and extracurricular schedules are tough and demanding – As an AP student, swimmer, water polo player and rower through high school and a four year Rower throughout college I understand tough schedules, heavy academic loads and demanding coaches. However, this sacrament will serve you and strenghen you in every concievable aspect of your life - far more deeply and profoundly than sports will. We want you to have a great experience in Confirmation and the key to that is active participation. If you don’t have time to participate, talk to Dan about accommodations or consider waiting to be confirmed until you do have time.

Q: What is Regularly Meeting Catholic Formation?
A: Generally, this means you attend a Catholic High School. I OVERWHELMINGLY encourage Catholic High School Teens to come to Youth Group – you’ll get a very different experience of Catechesis and you’ll feel like you’re part of a community. Often, the Catholic School teens who don’t attend St. Bridget’s Youth Group feel disconnected from the rest of the Confirmation group and don’t really have a great handle on what is going on in Confirmation, ultimately resulting in a poorer experience than if they had participated with the Youth Group.

Q: I attend another Catholic Church, can I be confirmed at St. Bridget?
A: Sure! We need a note from your pastor endorsing your sacramental prep at St. Bridget and we very strongly recommend you attend St. Bridget for Mass while going through the Confirmation Preparation process. We’ve found teens and families who do not attend St. Bridget while in our program often feel out of touch and lost during the year – ultimately resulting in a poor experience.

Q: Do I have to get Confirmed?
A: Nope. It’s a wonderful sacrament and will help you throughout your life, particularly in living out your vocation, but it can not be administered to anyone against their will. However, before you quit, we strongly suggest teens go through the Confirmation preparation process, ask questions (even challenging ones), and asses whether you’d like to be confirmed at the end of that process.

Q. What is the Confirmation Retreat?
A: It’s the worst weekend of your life. I’m kidding. It’s awesome and is pretty uniformly listed as the best part of the Confirmation Preparation process – and that’s according to teens who really didn’t want to go. We go overnight, we burn stuff, we pray, we eat, we have fun and we connect with God – it’s an awesome experience.

Q: What can you tell me about Small Groups?
A: Everything: Click Here

Q: Do I have to pick a Saint name?
A: Not usually. All that info can be found here.

A: All that info can be found here.

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