If you missed Confirmation Orientation read over the content below. 

  • The "What is Confirmation" section is important as many people have a general misunderstanding of this Sacrament. 
  • The "Three Componants" are the four things the Bishop has asked of our teens in their formation leading up to Confirmation. 
  • Finally, the Confirmation/High School Youth Calendar can be found on our main page. The calendar can be viewed, printed, and added to your own personal calendars. 
What is Confirmation?
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Confirmation is the sacrament of initiation that competes our Baptism. 

There are three sacraments of initiation here is the correct order of these sacraments as are received through RCIA or in diocese of restored order:

  1. Baptism
  2. Confirmation
  3. Communion/Eucharist

In Baptism we are claimed as sons and daughters of God, we die to original sin and are born to new life in Him, and we are challenged to proclaim the gospel in word and in deed. 
Confirmation equips us with what we need to complete that challenge given to us in baptism.
In the Eucharist we finally complete our initation into the Catholic Church by comming into full Communion with the Church and making a public declaration (Amen) of an inward belief that Christ is fully present in the Eucharist: body, blood, soul, and divinity. 

Why do we do them out of order?

Because the Bishop is the normal person who offers this sacrament, the church started moving the age of Confirmation around the year 1300 to enable a longer period of catechesis and to address some logistical challenges the Bishop faced in gathering together all of those who needed baptism. Eucharist, however, is available at the age of reason (7 years old or so) and any priest can offer that sacrament so logistically we didn't have to wait for a bishop to visit for the faithful to receive. 

So, Confirmation is not so much about choosing God, but about God strengthening us to face what lies ahead. 

We generally prepare young people to be competent, independent adults through academia and extra curricular activities and rightly so, these are extremely valuable in shaping a person to participate in the world. However, there are myriad moments in life that can not be prepared for in the classroom, the sports field, or the concert hall. 

  • Choosing a college, a job offer, a proposal for marriage: there are decisions in life that will indefinitely impact the trajectory of our lives and no one can make these decisions for us. 
  • Death, illness, loss, pain, suffering: there is no handbook, no script for how to deal with these most painful parts of life. 
  • A spouse, children, friends, enemies: it can be extremely hard to love when love is a choice and not an emotion. 
  • Sharing the love of God with a world that increasingly finds God irrelevant: Christianity is anything but comfortable and easy. 

Confirmation is our pentecost. Confirmation is when we are equipped in a powerful way to answer the call of our baptism. Confirmation is not so much about choosing God, but about God strengthening us to face what lies ahead, confident that we are not, nor ever will be, alone.

The same Holy Spirit that has guided the Church for 2000 years through ups and downs and struggles and joys, is the Holy Spirit that we receive in Baptism and receive particular empowerment from through Confirmation. 

The sacrament of Confirmation offers us the strengthening of the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of Grace that specifically equips us to face each and every one of these moments for which nothing can prepare us. The Holy Spirit, the Advocate, is with us not only so that we will never face these challenges alone, but so that we can be strengthened in our weakness, despite our flaws, our failures and our shortcomings. The grace we need is given to us so that we can be the people God formed us to be at our creation and answer the call of our baptism. 

The Disciples, cowering and trembling with fear, locked themselves in the upper room - afraid to answer the call of Christ to proclaim the Gospel. The Holy Spirit descended upon them, filled them, and empowered them to overcome their fear, to boldly break out of that room, and to go out as Apostles to begin the work of the Church.

Disciples learn, Apostles do. 

In the sacrament of Confirmation, through the anointing with Chrism, the laying on of hands, the renewal of baptismal promises, we receive that same outpouring and strengthening of the Holy Spirit, now ready to go out on apostolates - putting faith into practice just like those Apostles did (note: there is a difference between "apostles" lower case "a" and "Apostles" one of the 12).

After Confirmation we should be looking for ways to put our faith in action - what is your apostolate?
We should also continue to learn about the faith as we never cease to be disciples. 

Three Components of Confirmation Formation
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  • Participate in a Small Group (up to four teens) aimed at forming for Discipleship and Christian Formation. 
  • These groups meet 2-3 times per month for brief 20 minute meetings. 
  • The groups can meet in person or virtually, but, in all cases must abide by our Safe Environemnt and COVID guidelines. 
  • Students in Catholic School should participate in one of these formation programs. 

These lessons are specifically aimed at formation for Confirmation and taught in a mixture of large and small group Confirmation lessons (one lesson per month).

  • Confirmation Small Group Lessons can only take place if we have enough Virtus trained teachers and host homes.
  • Confirmation Small Group Assignments will occour after we have enough facilitators and host homes. 

We anticipate this retreat taking place in two parts January 17th (6-9 p.m.) and 18th (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

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