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The Parish Pastoral Council provides the vision and direction for the parish, establishes pastoral priorities and ensures their implementation. The Council is responsible for calling and enabling all members of the parish to discover, develop and offer their gifts in service to the parish and to the wider community.

Parish Pastoral Council Members

Please contact any of our Council Members with your questions, comments, or suggestions.

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Pierre Morel

Our family has been attending Saint Bridget for the last 4 years. 

In addition to the pastoral council, I am helping teach the high school youth group, try to participate in the NET activities as much as possible and get recharged at the Tuesday morning meeting of Habitues. As a family we participate to the retreats and day of service to teach our daughters to value of serving others. 

Saint Bridget has been central to our family from the school to our welcoming in Richmond. When asked to serve on the council, I said yes immediately. Since then I have been trying to participate more and more in the life of the Parish. As I am filled with joy and Faith I am more and more wanting to share it. 

Ross Grogg

I was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York, Millbrook. Raised Episcopalian, my family was very active in the church. Both parents served on the vestry and the whole family was involved in special programs at the church.

Admittedly I was not great about going to church in college or even right after college; to me, attending church had always been about community. However, I was lacking a permanent community but still felt I had a relationship with God. Once Istarted my career and settled down, one of the first things I did was join a church, albeit in the Episcopal tradition. It wasn’t until I met my wife, Nicole that I was really led to Catholicism.

As I started praying about conversion, I realized just how many people in my life were Catholic. Most of my best friends from high school all the way to my first job, were all catholic and found subtle ways to share their faith with me. I am convinced they were there for a reason.

I’ve always believe in God, that his Son died for my sins, andnow I believe He is truly present each time I am at mass, however the path to that last belief was not easy. Transubstantiation forced me to question my logic and my decision throughout the RCIA process. However, while my mind questioned, my heart knew I made the right decision. Right after my first communion there was a moment when it hit me and I knew I was in the right place. As Monsignor Carr said recently, “my heart was on fire with the love of Jesus.” Truly in that moment my heart burned with his love.

That moment coupled with the strong community at Saint Bridget has made me love God and our church even more. Nicole and I usually attend Mass on Sundays at 5:00pm; I usually Usher and she lectures. This opportunity with Parish Council is the next way for me to give back and I believe my journey will provide a unique perspective to the Council.

Andrienne Morales

We have been attending Saint Bridget Church for 5 years.  I have been and are currently active in the Music Ministry and serve on the Pastoral Council, helping with Sunday donuts and the monthly information desk.  I have always been active in choirs ever since middle school and love to be able to worship through song. I got engaged with the pastoral council to have the opportunity to get a feel for other ministries and the work they do and how the ministries are working together to create a better community here at Saint Bridget.

Barbara Gorla


I have been attending Saint Bridget Church for 9 years and became a member 4 years ago. I am involved in the Welcome Committee (2nd Sunday New Member Meeting), the Fellowship Committee, volunteer often in special Parish Liturgical, Fellowship, School events (3 of my grandchildren attend Saint Bridget School) and Pastoral Council. I serve because it strengthens my relationship with God and I always find myself spiritually enriched, fulfilled and joyful. 


Pam Sweeney


Mark and I have been parishioners at Saint Bridget for more than 25 years.

During the last several years I have been involved in the following ministries and activities: Eucharistic Minister, Welcoming Committee, Blackwell volunteer, numerous Bible studies and Stew and Brew.

I choose to serve because Saint Bridget has enriched my life in so many ways. I want to help the parish grow and increase the participation of its parishioners.


Bill Cardullo

Charlotte and I have been active members of Saint Bridget for 71/2 years, after moving from the greater Boston, MA area.

In addition to the Pastoral Council, I am the PC liaison to the Finance Committee. I also assist in the accounting of our weekly collections, and assist as necessary with the funeral hospitality ministry, and I am a committee member for our Saints and Sinners. In the past I was a team member for the Alpha ministry. 

I chose to serve on the Pastoral Council and the other ministries as I view serving as stewardship to our parishioners in a faith-based environment. In addition, I consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of these ministries.


Kela Campbell

Ron and I have been members of the Parish for 6 years.  I have been blessed with having the time to devote to this parish.  I am currently Chairperson of the Pastoral Council and are involved with the Women's Bible Study, the Funeral Ministry, Saint Bridget-Saint Mary's Rosary Ministry, Tuesday Morning Book Discussion, Saints and Sinners and volunteer at Saint Bridget School. I serve because I feel this is the time in my life to give back and can best do that in the parish I love. Funny thing is, the more I do, the more I get back in return by knowing and serving with loving and dedicated people who help me in my faith journey.  Jesus Christ is alive in the parish and I'm blessed to be a part.


Ann Slough

We have been a member of Saint Bridget Church for 30 years. 

In my Ministry Involvement I have taught, baptismal Preparation; religious education, Cursillo; served as RCIA sponsor, participated in FIRE program; sponsor or candidates for Confirmation, served with Catholic Heart Work Camp; served on By the Light Committee, giving me the opportunity to review and study Church documents and currently serve on the Pastoral Council. 

I serve because I am called.  We are all called to serve each other.  My daughter as a child repeatedly said to me “Mom, you don’t have to help everyone.”  And I said to her, “Madeline, that is exactly what we are called to do.”

Maureen Tarrant Gallihugh

 My husband and I joined Saint Bridget parish 6 years ago. We found Mass very meaningful and the faith community here to be strong.

I currently serve as a Liturgical Minister, and am a member of the Welcome Committee, and Pastoral Council. Volunteering and active participation at Saint Bridget has been a gift.  I have enjoyed ALPHA, book groups and bible study, Advent retreats and speaker events.

The choice to serve our Parish by volunteerism is an easy gift to give.  Serving one another, and those in need in our church, helps us become more deeply connected to God. It is a special privilege to serve on the Pastoral Council and be of assistance and support to Monsignor Carr and his staff. The faith formation and spiritual growth opportunities we discuss as a Pastoral Council on behalf of the members of Saint Bridget’s are abundant. I look forward to participating in this ministry whose goal is to make our church community one of spiritual richness.

Britta Wolfe

Jeff and I have loved being a part of the Saint Bridget community and have been members since we moved to Richmond 18 years ago.  I have been active in the Share the Journey ministry for refugee outreach, the Respect Life ministry, and Faith Formation for the children of our parish including Children's Liturgy, Religious Education, and Sacrament Preparation.  I also have enjoyed participating in Bible Study, Book Discussion Group, Rosary Guild, Lenten Retreats, Caritas, and Catholic Heart Work Camp.  I feel deeply blessed to be able to serve our parish family and the wider community.  Together we are truly the Body of Christ. 

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