Confirmation Small Groups

How it all Works

  • Small Groups of six to ten students will meet four times during the course of the Confirmation Preparation process.
  • Each meeting is about an hour and a half.
  • Two adults are assigned to each group
    • The Host provides a space for the meeting 
    • The Facilitator does the teaching.
    • Per diocesan safe environment guidelines Host and the Facilitator must be unrelated.  
  • Two Young Apostles (previously confirmed teens) may also be assigned to each group
    • These are peer leaders who have already been through Confirmation and will help with the lessons. 
  • Each small group is able to set their own schedule and meeting time.  Dan will provide suggested weekends for meeting (3rd or 4th Sunday are great options).
    • The groups don't have to meet in a home and have the option of meeting in a public place or in the Church, however, two unrelated adults still need to be present at each meeting regardless of location. 
  • Typically Facilitators and Hosts automatically have their own teens in their small group, unless otherwise requested.

How Groups are Assigned

Step 1: We'll identify small group facilitators and hosts who plan to work together with a homegroup (8-10 groups).
Step 2: At a pre-announced time, I'll publish a list of the small group options including who the facilitator and host will be and the meeting location.
Step 3: Each Candidate will then e-mail me a list of their top three choices
Step 4: I fill in the small group rosters first come, first served as the responses come in.

Group Requests

  • We are unable to take requests for small group pairings unless there are medical or other profound considerations involved.
  • We do not assign small groups by school.
  • Each teen must respond with their own group request, you may not request on behalf of someone else.
  • Dan reserves the right to modify groups as needed and has limited patience for small group assignment drama.
  • The total amount of time spent in small group is at most 10 hours over the span of 9 months.
  • If you don't get the group you want, consider it great preparation for small group assignments in college and an opportunity to get to know the other teens in Confirmation.

All this being said, it's pretty easy to get in each other's small group.
Most students get their first or second choice of group.

I know that for many teens it's a source of anxiety to be assigned a small group that they don't hand pick, but I'm asking parents to remind their teens that this commitment is for just four meetings over the course of nine months - and it's often times really enriching to faith-share with new people.

Thanks for your understanding! Feel free to e-mail, call or stop by the office to share any questions, concerns or suggestions.


Requesting a Small Group
  1. You may submit your small group selection starting at (TBA). Early Submissions (based on e-mail time stamp) will be entered after everyone else who respected to the rules.
  2. Selections need to be e-mailed to me at
  3. Provide your top three small group choices.
  4. Spots will fill first come first served.
  5. Each student must submit their own request. Requests made on behalf of other students will not be recognized (unless you are siblings).

Starting at (Time TBA), send me an e-mail with the following information:

Name the Teen 
1st Choice: 
2nd Choice:
3rd Choice:


Ricky Bobby Jr.
1st Choice: Group G
2nd Choice: Group E
3rd Choice: Group H

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