Choosing a Sponsor

In choosing a sponsor, you should carefully consider the person’s capacity to undertake this role.
The criteria below reflect the Church’s view that living the faith is taught best by example.

Sponsor Qualifications

  1. At least 16 years old

    • A pastor may grant an exception to the age requirement for a just cause.

  2. Have received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist in the Catholic Church

  3. Not be bound by a canonical penalty

  4. Be leading a life of faith befitting the role to be undertaken

    • For example, regularly attending Sunday Mass; if married, be in a marriage recognized by the Catholic Church

  5. Not be a parent of the confirmand

    • However, a parent may accompany his or her child as a proxy, instead of a sponsor, in the rite of Confirmation.

Sponsors are asked to testify that he or she meets the qualifications by completing the Sponsor Attestation Form. Review a list of Frequently Asked Questions about who can be a Confirmation Sponsor.

What is required of the sponsor?

  • A completed Sponsor Attestation Form (as mentioned above)
  • Prior to the sacrament, there aren’t any meetings we require the sponsors to attend, however sponsors are welcome to email the Director of Youth Ministry if they would like to attend lessons. The sponsor is encouraged to pray for and mentor the Confirmand.
  • After Confirmation a sponsor fulfills their role to the extent they model the faith for their Confirmand.
  • More important than any present or gift a sponsor might give the Confirmand is the gift of their time, their witness of faith, and their availability and guidance when questions of faith arise. By virtue of our baptism and confirmation we are called to the service of the Church through leading others in faith – this is the task of the sponsor and we thank you for your role in the lives of our teens.
  • Please pray for your confirmand daily, and if not daily then as often as the Holy Spirit calls them to mind!

What does the Sponsor do during the Confirmation Mass?

The sponsor will sit beside their Confirmand.
The sponsor will Participate in the Mass, lead by example in singing, responding verbally to the prayers and entering into the liturgy to the best of your ability.

When going to receive the sacrament the sponsor will approach the Bishop behind the Confirmand (as if going up to receive Communion), place their right hand on the Confirmand’s right shoulder and will state the first name (or chosen saint name) of the Confirmand to the Bishop. The full script can be found here: What to do/say during Confirmation.

What if the sponsor can’t make it to the Mass?

No problem! If the sponsor can’t make it to the Mass, we can designate a proxy to stand in their place to present the Candidate to the Bishop.
The proxy can be anyone who is also already confirmed and in good standing with the Church. Please let Dan know if this is your situation.

What are some good gifts to give for Confirmation?

Frankly, the best gift is your time and witness of faith.
But if you’re interested in a few gift ideas, click on this Amazon wishlist created with Confirmation Teens in mind.

If you have questions feel free to contact Ginny Fleser at

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