Promotions at Saint Bridget
Communication is a ministry and one of the vital means through which we accomplish our mission as a Catholic parish. Our aim is to curate engaging content and meaningful messaging that consistently leads the community into a lived experience of the faith and deeper relationships with Christ. To accomplish this, we have operational guidelines below.

How to Submit
Submit text and media to 
Expect an email response confirming receipt of submission.


  1. Not all submissions or requests will be approved or promoted.   
  2. Submissions for the bulletin should arrive at least 10 days before the requested publication date. Promotional materials are due the Friday before the weekend preceding publication. 
  3. Promotions will typically run for two weeks. (This aims to keep parishioners engaged with fresh content).
  4. If space is available and the content can be reworded to appear fresh, we will attempt to extend promotions.
  5. All promotional copy/media are subject to edit.  
  6. Where appropriate, promotions may be advertised through a variety of communication channels including, but not limited to: email, social media, physical signage, website announcements, announcements before Mass, video promotions, etc.