Saint Vincent de Paul (SVdP) is an organization that Saint Bridget partners with to provide assistance to individuals and families in need from our immediate community. When someone shows up at our doors seeking help, food, or is in a crisis situation, more often than not, Saint Vincent de Paul will respond to the call. Our Social Ministry works with and supports Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Bridget parishioners serve within the SVdP ministries.  

If you'd like to get involved as a caseworker or offer financial support, please contact our Social Concerns minister, Jeannie Grumblatt 

Caseworker Stories: Helping our Community "Friends" in Need

November 2021  

We recently had a friend, who lost employment, fell behind on expenses, was successful in finding a full-time day job, was also working nights, but was having a tough time paying the past due rent. Near the end of the month, with next month’s rent due on the first, the situation seemed hopeless. The friend reached out to St. Vincent de Paul, after the caseworker assessment, a payment was made towards the late rent. 

Upon receipt of the decision, the friend shared in an email “you all have been a blessing, and I greatly appreciate the help, I cannot express how much this means to me”


October 2021

Steve and I helped a friend last week with an unexpectedly high bill, which of course is not unusual.  What made the friend stand out in my mind is something he told us during our telephone interview, something I have never heard from a friend before. He said he is semi-retired and his only income is from odd jobs he works.  His mortgage is paid off, and his other expenses (that he covers from odd jobs) total about $500. After Steve and I went down our list of possible expenses, we asked if he spent money on anything else we had not mentioned. He thought for a moment and said that he did, that he tithes to his church.  "Some weeks I don't have anything to give to my church, but whenever I get any money, I always give 10% of it to my church."  

Recently our Gospel reading had been the parable of the widow giving her last two small coins at the temple, and how she gave out of her sustenance. I got chills thinking about how I give much more than this friend in the dollar amounts, but I do not tithe and I give from my surplus funds, so truly our friend gives much more to his church than I do to mine. I have thought about this a lot since then!  As often happens to me as a Vincentian, Jesus spoke to me through "one of the least of these." - Jackie


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