Saint Francis Home is a ministry of the Diocese of Richmond that offers an affordable, loving home and quality assisted care for older adults who have limited financial means. Thank you for your support of this pro-life ministry that offers dignity, care, and community in Richmond.

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At a pivotal time in his life, Frank Howarth found hope where he least expected it. Following the passing of his wife, Jeanne, after 52 years of marriage, Frank realized that continuing to live in his home was no longer an option. He had been so used to caring for Jeanne that he didn't realize until he found himself alone, how much he needed help with household tasks like cleaning and meal preparation. With the assistance of his two children, Ward and Courtney, he
began the arduous process of finding a care setting that was affordable and would meet his needs.

Frank had remembered that a good friend, who was a deacon in a local Catholic parish, had mentioned Saint Francis Home and encouraged him to go see what the Community offered. During his tour with Deborah Crutchfield, Saint Francis' Admissions Manager, Frank was surprised to find such a wonderful spirit of diversity and people with whom he could see himself connecting and building friendships. He immediately felt reassured that he could afford the care and would be at ease with the Residents and the Staff. Upon entering the room that would soon become his, he felt truly at home.

It was the small things that made a big difference for Frank, like Deborah knowing he wanted a nice closet for his clothes. He laughingly admits he collected too many over the years, saying "My friends often tell me everything I've ever let go of has claw marks in it!'

Since moving in in late December, Frank has participated in numerous activities and programs, built friendships, and even found a Methodist church nearby where he has enjoyed attending services and making additional connections. He's found joy in sharing and giving at Saint Francis, and relishes times when he can give other Residents crosses from his vast collection or show one of Jeanne's legacy quilting books to someone who needs a smile or a friendly presence. Frank is always looking for ways to connect and this year he will be helping our Program department begin a new discussion group focused on the spiritual Insight series. Frank thinks this series will help his fellow Residents have fun while focusing on their spiritual development.

Frank's children are comforted to see him thriving and socializing, rather than alone and isolated. "Life without Jeanne could have been very lonely," he says, "but I feel so at home here, and there is a spirit to this place that you just can't describe. I only wish Jeanne would have been able to come too, she would have loved it!'"

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